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Biathlon Bears

The biathlon bears program is designed for biathletes ages 8-12. It gives them the tools they need to grow as biathletes in a safe an fun manner! Our programs include fun games such as using balloons as targets in order to keep young athletes engaged and happy while enjoying the outdoors.

Black Bear - Year 1

   For our newest young athletes!

Our Black bears work on the fundamentals of biathlon such as range safety, how to shoot an air rifle, and cross country ski technique. 

Grizzly Bear - Year 2

After completing their first year, our athletes move on to the Grizzly bear level! Here the athletes move into more in-depth rifle technique as well as incorporating more biathlon related techniques to their cross country skiing, this includes taking off and putting on their poles efficiently while entering and exiting the range.  

Polar Bear - Year 3

The final level of the bears program aims to work on the more finite aspects of biathlon including how breathing and trigger control affect grouping and how to control these aspects after cross country skiing.

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Junior & Senior Programs

After graduating from the bears program athletes move on to become junior athletes and furthermore seniors. As junior and senior athletes they continue to work on their cross country ski abilities as well as their shooting technique except now they will be using the .22 rifle! Under the watchful eye of our highly experienced coaches, the athletes will learn how the new .22 works and how to use it efficiently while doing biathlon. As juniors and seniors the athletes will have the opportunity to compete in biathlon if they chose to do so. 

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Athlete Jesse Byrne Canada Games

Masters Programs

For our adult athletes we offer a Masters level program. These athletes can be brand new to the sport or returning, BNL is always happy to welcome new athletes whether they are eight or eighty! Our Masters athletes receive the same careful watch and experienced coaches as our younger athletes. Starting on the .22 rifle, the Masters work on honing their skills more independently and as they are comfortable. 

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